What Makes Marketing Successful?


Tip #1: one top key to marketing is branding. Everything should match and be consistent. Your business cards, brochures, website, everything should match somehow. Why? Because after awhile people will see something and know it belongs to you. For example…


Without a logo, you know what this is, you see it in the mail all the time, the logo, shopping bags, even carts are the same blue. This is all branding.

It doesn’t work overnight however, it takes years. Why does it take so long? People need to get used to seeing it.
Take a new cell phone for example. You get the new Samsung or iPhone… Better yet, you switch from one company to the other. The apps are different, how you answer the call is different, everything is different (slightly different, the concept is there it still looks like a phone) but it’s better or improved. And you need to get used to it because you spent all this money and you’re stuck with it for 2 years.

Branding is similar. Keep it consistent for 2 years. Then you can “improve” or “better” it by a small tweak… Or keep it the same… By then people will be getting used to it. Happy Branding!


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