Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

marketing-strategyGetting your name out there can be difficult, especially for small businesses.  You have small business competitors trying to obtain your customers, and you have huge corporations who want to banish your company.  Here are a few simple ideas to help your business.

  1.  Keep it consistent.  If you think your ad, postcard, business card isn’t drawing the business… DON’T KEEP CHANGING IT.  Try to make sure everything matches.  The colors you use for ads, postcards, business cards, even the sign on the front of the store all should have the same (or similar look and feel).  The more consistent you keep your marketing, the more exposure you will have.
  2. Social media is here to stay.  About 10 years ago if you didn’t have a website, then most likely you were passed up or not up-to-date.  Just like a website is a MUST now for a small business, so is social media marketing.  Even if it is to post an item or service every now and then, having it shows you are current.  It also provides free marketing to people who “like” you.
  3. Show that you are a human being.  Pictures or videos of yourself, or yourself with family members, co-workers, doing a hobby (like golfing), just showing that you can be a human too and own a business will show so much more than you know.  Especially if you post it on social media 😉
  4. Be patient.  Postcards, advertisements, and other marketing takes time to produce a profit.  Don’t think that sending out one postcard can change your entire business… unfortunately it doesn’t
  5. If you need assistance… email me  I am an expert in marketing, designing and social media.  I also have great connections and work closely with media  companies (digital, print and OOH), as well as PR, promotional and printing companies. I will respond to you within the hour… even if I’m out being a human 🙂

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